If you want to secure the bag you must secure your brand. Everyone is drawn to quality, and with this package we will create digital materials and discuss tactics you can use to have a quality brand that is memorable, meaningful and profitable.


This package includes

- A fully developed Wix or Shopify template turnaround with

  • 8 custom graphics
  •  Product backgrounds and descriptions
  • Domain setup 
  • App integrations
  • 3 Instagram Flyers
  • 3 Reusable Templates
  • Campaign Curation
  • Together we will develop a marketing campaign that can be used to strategically fulfill your business goals
  • Email Blast Template
  • - Online Presence = Offline Profits Course


Turnaround: 3-4 weeks 

Secure the Bag = Securing the Brand

  • Purchasing this package means that you agree to a partnership with the ASHTHETICS Agency and yourself. We aim to assist you as much as possible and bring your vision to life. To do that efficiently, expect to be in frequent contact with our team with regularly scheduled check ins.

    For additional information, refer to FAQ


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