Wednesday: Vocalist & Makeup Artist Talks New Music, Traphouse Jazz & Next Steps

Neo Soul artist Wednesday has been on the move - literally. Recenlty, she has been going on a worldwide tour alongside Traphouse Jazz artist Masego.

"I actually love telling this story. I was headed to work one day to a job that I HATED. The drummer of the THJ band and I went to college together and he hit me up and asked me if I wanted to go on tour with Masego. I was shocked because I heard Tadow for the first time two days prior to the call.

My mind was blown.

At the time I was in rehearsals for an off broadway musical and I was a week away from opening night. I was soooo conflicted because I had to choose between leaving the show as one of the lead roles or going on tour and learning 15 songs in 3 days. Cleary I had to choose the tour lol. I wouldn't have changed my decision for anything in this world! I have been to Europe, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Kenya, Cape town, pretty much all the cities in the US, South America in two weeks, and Asia this summer. I feel so blessed to be a member of the THJ band. We are literally a family!"

Personally, I never heard of Traphouse Jazz until I met Wednesday during the Lady Lady Tour with Masego. Luckily, Wednesday gives a bit of insight about what type of music it represents.

"Traphouse Jazz is a mix between Trap and Jazz. I would describe it as universal music. Anyone can get with it. Old heads, millennials, It just makes you feel good."

In addition to working with Masego, Wednesday aspires to work with other artists such as Chris Brown, Ty $ign, Ari Lennox, Jayla Darden and her favorite singer/songwriter - Tayla Parx.

"That girl is so talented it's not even funny. Her pen game is one of a kind, her stage presence and originality is one of a kind and she is just the sweetest. I met her at a festival we both performed at. After our set I rushed to see hers and it was just sooo amazing. Yes Tayla is my absolute favorite. I'm a true #TAYLATOT LOL!"

Although working with other artists are amazing, it's nothing like developing your own art to share with others. Wednesday has new music coming out that she's finally plans to drop this year and we can't wait to listen.

"I've been woking on my EP for like forever LOL but I plan to release my single this month or sometime during the summer. My team and I have just started to buckle down and get serious about our musical goals so I'm pretty excited for everyone to hear what we've been working on."

In addition to music, Wednesday has also been working on other things to elevate her brand and achieve her goals which includes becoming a freelance make up artist in New York City. If you check out her Luxe Looks Beauty page on Instagram, you'll see she refers to herself as "The Real Natural Beat Plug" or "NBP" for short.

"Like everyone, [I am] trying to get out of college debt lol, start my make up business, a lipgloss line and I want writing placements with artists."

For Wednesday is seems like everything always comes back to music in some way. She's been working on her own music, but she's also rooting for other musicians as well who she believes can bring something new to the music scene.

"My friends are so talented and their music is going to change the game: Jamie King, Josiah Bassey, Secily, Shareef Keyes, Xenia, and Howard Artis. Be on the lookout. We all dropping shit this year!"

As a Sweet Savage, Wednesday has been grinding to make sure that she achieves her dreams. To ensure that she provides her best work, sometimes she has to step away from everyone and have a bit of "me" time.

"I stay to myself. I'm an empath and I feel literally EVERYTHING and it becomes overwhelming. Recharging and alone time keeps me going. Knowing that what's for me will always find me gives me peace."

To continue supporting Wednesday make sure follow her on Instagram and watch out for her upcoming music. If you're in NYC and need your face beat, she got you!

"Be on the lookout for my single this year!

Follow my make up page @luxelooksbylexx and my main page @coogimamaa for all upcoming tours, make up looks, new music, and just amazing ass content!" 


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