Solani: Kissed By the Sun

Anika Kablan, a computer science major at the University of Georgia is the owner of Solani - a company that provides modern accessories such as earrings, necklaces, and anklets.

"I am majoring in computer science as well as minoring in Studio Arts. Outside of school, I build apps and websites to improve my coding skills. Aside from that, I love to spend time with my friends and family."

I bet computer science is not an easy major to have. In addition to needing another source of income, Anika also views Solani as a brand that gives black girls the opportunity to embrace their femininity.

"I created Solani for two reasons. The first being that, I am a college student that works multiple jobs. I have a very heavy course load as a computer science major and the jobs that I had took up most of my time. I wasn't making enough money to pay my bills and I was having time management issues because I worked very long hours. It became almost impossible for me to function, therefore, I decided that starting a business would be a better alternative.

My second reason comes from a personal place. I wanted to create something for black girls to enjoy. The aesthetic that my shop goes for tends to be very feminine and "cute". This type of style tends too be awarded to girls of other races and isn't attributed to black girls. We don't have the luxury to be seen in a soft, feminine light like out non-black counterparts. I wanted to break that stigma and have black [women] feel soft and cute. I want it to be normalized."

Anika consistently showcases that message with her brands aesthetic.

"I like the idea of incorporating nature into my work because it really sticks with Solani's aesthetic and message. When the jewelry isn't nature oriented, I try to have it be fun and chic so that they have a unique look to them...I tend to associate nature with pure femininity and I want to convey that feeling through my feed. Femininity and softness is main aesthetic of Solani. "

If you visit her Instagram page @shop.solani you will see how all of her visuals incorporate light colors, a nature like theme, and the glow from several skin types. The entire brand comes together to reflect the special meaning of the company name.

"Solani is of Spanish/Hawaiian origins and it means "Sun in the sky". Our slogan is "kissed by the sun" because I want my jewelry to have girls feel as though they're shining and glowing."

Although jewelry is Solani's primary focus, she intends to add more products in the future.

"Very soon, I will be introducing cosmetic products that compliment the jewelry and we are now shifting our store to be very theme heavy. I'll have something new every collection and no style will ever be repeated."

With new things approaching, you can never forget the original pieces that the company started with. In Anika's case, that just so happens to be one of her favorite pieces.

"My favorite store product has to be my Floral Pendant earrings. It takes me a very long time to make them and I requires a lot patience. I am so proud of them because they are the first earrings that I've ever made!"

We asked Anika her Sweet Savage pick based on the the definition of a Sweet Savage: A woman with a well rounded personality and hustler mentality and this is what she chose.

"My Floral Pendant earrings represent this definition. Not in how they look, but how much work and time I put into them. It is a very draining and tiring process that requires a lot of patience to make." 

If you appreciate hand crafted items made with love then Solani has the perfect accessories for you. Shop Solani and visit their Instagram @shop.solani.



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