Press'd For Success! Beauty Enthusiast Creates Nail Business that Inspires Confidence & Self Love

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

"I try to create designs that most speak to our brand aesthetic. You know that bad b**ch kinda vibe. I like to call my customers "Baddies"... because that's the mood I'm aiming for."

Harmony B is the owner of Press'd Nailtique - an up and coming business that she launched early this year. Press'd offers pre-made and custom press-on nails or "instant acrylics" that come in a variety of styles and lengths.

"I've always been a huge fan of getting my nails done. Manicures.. acrylics... you name it! One day I just thought to myself and said "Hey, you can definitely do this on your own". From there, I started doing my own nails more consistently and noticed that there was definitely a market for it. I got to fuse something I already loved with my passion for business and brand building. It just worked."

Being passionate about what you do is something that many people strive for, yet few achieve. Originally, Harmony did not have any experience with nails - but she believes her eagerness to learn and accept new ideas is what allows her to remain successful.

"I guess the biggest thing that makes Press'd unique is how it started. I had no prior background in the nail industry and it really was something that just came to me... but I was GREAT at it, and I'm even more amazing at business building and management. I also don't limit myself as far as what I believe the brand can become. I'm always open and willing to try new and innovative things, so I guess that also makes what we do at Press'd special."

Originally from Buffalo, NY - Harmony has moved to Atlanta, GA with hopes to grow her network. Creating Press'd helped her realize that she not only wanted to develop her nail company but also grow her personal brand.

"My main reason for choosing Atlanta was because I knew it would be the perfect place for me to get out, mingle, network, and ultimately grow my brand (business and personal). I'm a self-proclaimed beauty "enthusiast"; which is one of the biggest reasons I created Press'd. I'm obsessed with all things makeup, health and lifestyle-related. I've spent a lot of time developing Press'd but I'm really ready to jump back in there and start building my personal brand and image alongside that!"

After becoming a new mother to a baby boy, Harmony didn't feel like herself until she began working on her business.

"I've really been trying to get back to feeling like "the old me"... or the "real" me, I should say. Some people may not know this but I'm a new mommy. My son is 10 months old now and it's really easy to lose yourself in that. I had to remind myself that I was someone before I was his mom, and she matters too. Wow.. that was such a moment of self-reflection... that's TOTALLY what Press'd means to me... It's an outlet for me to help me get back to everything that is ME."

Harmony is making a comeback with herself, and she has plans to keep evolving.

"...expect some very new and exciting things this year. One thing I can share with you is the rollout of our Baddie Box. It'll be a monthly subscription box with nails and other goodies inside. One thing I know for sure is that Press'd is going to set itself apart from every other brand in this industry with the ideas and plans we have in place!"

It's obvious that Press'd is more than just a business venture for Harmony, instead, it is a way for her to reconnect with herself, as well as share her products to the world. Despite any hardships she may face, she plans to keep a strong grip on her company.

"I've always been a go-getter. Literally, I PUSH because its the only thing I know how to do. I'm always fighting to reach my next level of success, and I guess I just kind of always remind myself of that."

If you want stylish nails but don't want actual acrylic or nail polish - make sure to shop Press'd Nailtique and follow them on Instagram!


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