Model in Front & Behind the Scenes

Published print model - Lashira Moné has a lot more to offer than posing in front of the camera. In her words she's a jack of all trades.

"Aside from being a model, I am also a BTS photographer/videographer, Model coach, Fashion show producer, Creative Director, Youtube Influencer, Actress, Brand Ambassador, former bridal consultant, booking manager, and a content creator. My list is endless."

Although she has a lot of job roles and responsibilities, modeling has remained her favorite.

"Out of all of the roles, my favorite of course is being a model and inspiring people that come in contact with me. I say this because it is partly the reason I am who I am today. Being a model is an extreme ART. You are able to understand yourself more. It has boosted my confidence and helped me step out of the box over the years. I've overcame so many challenges that I am grateful for just from choosing to pursue modeling. Inspiring the next girl is my ultimate purpose."

Lashira indulges in her purpose to inspire girls by coaching aspiring models who are looking for guidance into the industry.

"Coaching came about because on the daily I'd get models reaching out to ask questions on how to start as well as wanting insight. I always reply to models in messages but I felt that doing an in person coaching would be even more helpful. I feel that it is important to share and teach what you know to help the next person if you can. Although I don't have all of the answers and everyone has their own paths to walk, knowledge and my personal experiences can help tremendously. I've always had a soft spot in my heart to help others in any way that I can."

Are you an aspiring model? Here's a bit of advice from the pro herself.

"Cover the basics. Doing research is so important in this business to avoid scams. I'd also say to study your craft and study the models that inspire you. Don't be afraid to practice - whether that's in the mirror understanding posing/expressions and/or learning runway. Don't be afraid to fail in this business. It will push you to become better in your field. Also, understand what genre of modeling you want to pursue. Lastly, speaking up for yourself and practicing professionalism is very important. "

It's obvious that Lashira loves the camera, and her love for modeling and photography gave her the great idea to create her own business to assist other women looking to capture their special moments. For three years Lashira has been running her own business - Captured BTS as a photographer and videographer.

"Captured BTS, which stands for "behind the scenes"  came about in 2017. I started the busy based off of my personal needs and experiences. I would say look at it as a set assistant that captures moments for you so that you can focus on working. For example " It is rude to sit in a make up artist chair to get your make up done and you continue to interrupt them because you want to capture clips for social media during the process, that's where I come in to be a service. I am able to capture live footage for clients social media accounts as well as take professional photos/videos. When I created "Captured BTS" it was to cater to models only but I've expanded to working with bridal boutiques/parties, make up artist classes, pageant Queens, and more."

Although Lashira seems to enjoy spending most of her days with a camera, her favorite thing about being a girl boss is having the opportunity to connect with like-minded women.

"My favorite thing about being a GIRL BOSS is having the ability to meet amazing people like yourself on the daily. Being able to have trial and error but never give up. I know that my overall goal is to be a business woman with successful platforms. I love to shock myself on the daily. This business is hard at times but that's with everything you put your heart in. I say if you're not learning and growing then it's pointless. Having the ability to connect and participate in collaborations make me happy."

With social distancing and quarantine in place, Lashira may not have the opportunity to physically connect with her peers, but she has been developing her YouTube channel to ensure that she can connect with people virtually.

"To stay sane during this quarantine I kicked my Youtube channel up a notch. Developing great content for everyone to watch to keep their minds off of this hard time has been my goal over the last month...My youtube channel is my very own tv show. I'm using it to get more comfortable with talking on camera and to reach people around the world. I've always wanted to be on big screens in movies, commercials, sitcoms and etc. I started it to show more of my personality and creativity in hopes to inspire the next person to get out of their shell. Having a channel literally teaches a lot from a personal level as far as consistency, keeping people entertained, developing great content, editing, trial and error."

With her modeling career, photography business, and model coaching in place - Lashira has a lot to manage. She has goals in place to ensure that she is always improving and learning to showcase her best at all times.

"My ultimate goal for this year is to stay focused, consistent, and motivated. This momentum that i have right now I want to do all that is necessary to keep it. I plan to release some of the things I've been working on. Lastly, i plan to keep a level head and not to lose myself in the process. Being authentic is the motto I live by...I am always creating some type of content. I've been working on how to make myself and my brand better. I've been studying my craft on a different level. I like to read inspirational quotes daily, watch interviews of artists I look up to, and recently have been tapping into listening to audio books as well. I love reaching out to fellow artists that I know personally to see what I can learn from them too. Hard work plays a big part and I want to steer away from becoming complacent."

Lashira has no plans to stop providing new content for the world to see anytime soon. She currently has a new project coming soon and is looking forward to resume her 1-on-1 coaching sessions and runway classes once social distancing ends.

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