Keiko the Curator

There's a playlist for everything: break ups, celebrations, exercising, etc. I even have a playlist called "car music" that I only listen to when I'm driving. If our followers want to hear a girl boss playlist, we have our own Sweet Savage playlist on Spotify called Sweet Savage Sound. The point is, you can't go wrong with a good playlist - especially when the playlist has been curated with intention.

Keiko - a multifaceted creator wears a lot of hats: model, stylist, marketer and playlist curator to name a few. She shares how she has grown into these roles.

"People loved my taste in music, so that support made me want to start curating playlists. Today, I curate playlists on Apple Music for various music artists and individuals. I’ve been curating since 2014 and I’m so proud to see my growth from then. Becoming a stylist honestly came naturally because of my swag and taste in fashion. People always requested me pull together outfits together for festivals, a night out, or photoshoots."

Style and taste are wonderful traits, but having your education is just as great.

"I became a marketer mainly from receiving my Bachelor of Arts in Marketing from the Eli Broad College of Business at Michigan State University. I took various courses about marketing and customer behavior. My Digital Marketing course really persuaded me to take my skills to the social media market. I honestly became a model to promote my business ‘The Plugs Closet’ to upload marketing content to sale my items. But I been modeling since 2012 and have participated in various fashion shows in Detroit. That’s my little story behind all my roles!"

It's quite obvious that Keiko is drawn to creative outlets, but out of each of her roles, she plans to focus mostly on being a marketer and playlist curator.

"Freshmen year of college, I was at kickback on the aux and ended up staying until late at night and this guy I kind of knew said I was amazing on the aux and that I reminded him of Yezjulz style and her creative mindset. He also said he saw me as a DJ in the future. At the time I had a blog on the web where I curated playlists of music I was currently listening to. I was even an editor for the website where I provided daily news on new music that was being debuted. My first playlist was debuted on SoundCloud and it was called ‘Hey Mia, What you listening to? This honestly was my favorite project because of the support I had behind me and feedback that I should continue."

You never forget your first, in this case - Keiko still enjoys the first playlist she ever made.

"My favorite playlist is my first playlist I made in 2014’. I’m listening to it now, and it hits like all the tracks just came out yesterday. Lol...I know when I have a good playlist when I can’t stop playing it myself. A wack playlist to me is a playlist with no flow or no umph!"

With new technology and music platforms, music is being created and shared at a rapid pace. Luckily, if you're interested in listening to both mainstream and up and coming artists, Keiko's playlist has that balance. Her brand known as "FF" or Fresh Fridays features a variety of artists.

"FYBR by ASAP MOB gives me hustler mentality and keeps me motivated. Big Sean definitely has a well-rounded personality and hustles every day for his music, his family, and the City. I love the D and he does too. My favorite thing about building my brand is creating the graphics for my content posts, it’s really exciting to see what I come up with on my own. I love seeing see my creative side with no limits!"

As she continues to work and build her brand Keiko wants to be remembered for the original work that she has curated.

"I want them to remember me as original and invincible. Invincible mean she has no limits to what she can put her mind to. I love to juggle multiple talents because have so many interests, there is no stopping what you can do!"

Email Keiko: to get your custom playlist and/or artist feature. She's currently holding specials for $40 or less.

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