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"I am just a city girl who wants to turn all of her dreams into a reality while empowering women to do the same...being an inspiration to one woman helps her to be an inspiration to the next woman"

It takes courage to step out on faith and follow your dreams. Several women are working jobs that they hate because they may have let fear and uncertainty keep them inside of their comfort zone. Janay D. - a social worker, masters student, blogger, and girl boss running two businesses while caring for her younger sister has certainly left fear in the dust.

"What led me to create these platforms was my passion. I say that because since I am big on women empowerment I am always looking for different and creative ways to bring women together continuously. Being a woman of color I also feel that women of color in general do not support each other enough and I want to break that cycle. There is opportunities and wins for everyone. We just have to learn how to come together"

Since working her full time job as a social worker, servicing clients with HIV/Aids and working towards her masters degree Janay began blogging and later added other elements to her brand such as JD Inspo women's apparel and the JD Inspo podcast.

"JD Inspo women’s apparel is made to inspire and motivate women in style. With my brand I want every woman to feel confident and more when they are wearing something from JD Inspo. The best part about JD Inspo is that it is a lot in one such as a brand, community, podcast, women empowerment and more. Afterwards I branched off to doing JD Inspo Podcast which is geared all around women empowerment with different topics such as self-care, self-love, self-worth and more. Every so often I bring other women on to my podcast to talk about their businesses and journey of where they are. JD Inspo is made to keep all women inspired and uplifted."

Her favorite item from her store is the "I Am Affirmation" Tee.

"It reminds each women that wears it just how powerful she is. The affirmations on the shirt represents confidence, strength, empowerment and more. The nice thing about this shirt is the way that it is designed to make the affirmations stand out. When a woman wears the “I Am Affirmation” shirt she is not only empowering herself but another woman that sees it."

Sweet Savages need inspiration too! I asked Janay which piece from her shop fit the Sweet Savage style and persona.

"The product that I offer that embodies a Sweet Savage is the “Fully Invested Into Myself” sweatshirt. This shirt represents ambition and determination in a woman. The shirt says “Ambitious, Focused, & Heavily Invested Into Myself”. This sweatshirt is powerful in terms of the words and the importance of being fully invested into yourself. A woman should always know she will always be her own biggest investment at the end of the day more than anything."

It's not easy being positive and optimistic all the time. Fortunately Janay has a few things to keep her going consistently provide inspirational content.

"All of my inspiration stems from self-help books, when I write, and when people reach out to me and let me know how JD Inspo has been helping them to stay motivated and committed to what they are doing. It is so genuine when people randomly reach out to me and let me know how inspired they are from following me. That drives me more to get creative and do more to inspire women."

As if Janay hasn't done enough to improve the lives of women, she has plans to release a book later this year and make moves to become an accountability coach.

"The best thing about being my own boss is being able to work on my own time and not under anyone else. I get the opportunity to create and manifest my brand and business the way that I want to. What has been the most challenging with being my own boss is bringing people onto my team that I can collaborate with and trust. I would like to have people on my team who understand my vision and will be committed to JD Inspo brand just as much as me."

You can't stop a boss from making boss moves, not even coronavirus. Janay shares a few things she has done to stay positive during quarantine.

"What I have done to stay positive during quarantine is surround myself by nothing but positivity. I have been doing meditation each morning. I have been reading a lot of self-help books. I also have enjoyed listening to inspiring music and writing. These are all things that have been keeping me in a good space during this time."

Feeling inspired yet? Here's a piece of advice...

"If you are fearful or worried to start something my advice to you is to JUST START. I know it is easier said than done but that is how I got myself started to do the very things that I am doing now. All of the very things you want out of life are on the other side of fear. I strongly encourage you to push yourself out of your comfort zone to live the life you deserve. Janay XOXO."

Check out Janay and JD Inspo on Instagram and Facebook. Shop JD Inspo for inspirational apparel for women and kids!


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