Capitol A Boutique Talks Boss Fits & Quarantine

What started as a lingerie line has turned into an online boutique catered to millennial boss women. The owner, Indira Ali has been developing her business and continues to build despite the coronavirus pandemic that has affected millions of people worldwide.

"[Capitol] A is not my full-time job but it is the best side hustle and hobby that I have! Honestly Capitol  A was a lingerie line 1st before a boutique. I started it in about 2018, but I really didn’t know much about business or I didn’t really know the right steps to take. I knew that I wanted to reach more people and I wanted a more versatile business, so I made it a boutique instead - offering more than just lingerie but clothes as well. That’s where the boutique idea was born in 2019."

While many people are getting antsy as they stay indoors and practice social distancing, Indira has been enjoying her time at home, and spends more time working on Capitol A Boutique.

"Being in quarantine has actually helped, it really hasn’t been that hard for me and I like being alone, I like being in the house, [and] I actually love working from home. I wish I could do this all the time, (lol) but it has gave me the time to really focus on my business, make a game plan, and make new content. Plus, [I] really get to know my followers so I’m really grateful for this time!" 

Every company should build relationships with their customers, and Capitol A offers products catered to a specific type of woman.

"Capital A caters to the boss millennial chick who knows what she wants and goes after and gets it. That’s why I target for the millennial girl who knows that she can make her own money out here, she doesn’t need anyone, and no one is gonna stop her while [she's] looking great ( lol)."

Need a fashion piece to accent your Boss fit? Capitol A has new additions to their site to make sure you always look the part.

"I would definitely have to choose our brand new arrival "Boss Act" skirt it's a lace up skirt that's very sexy, but it’s definitely for my boss ladies. It’s available in nude and black, and you’ll find it on the New Arrivals page. It's really cute and really sleek!"

In Indira's opinion, you can't go wrong with an affordable fashion piece. The way she coordinates her closet is what motivated her to pick the products on the Capitol A website.

"I’m really into fashion but I like having set pieces vs having a lot of clothes in your closet, I think that a piece can really make an outfit versus just throwing something together...I wanted to be able to convey that you can still get nice pieces for a great price. You don’t have to pay so much money to get nice pieces to make your outfit!"

Remembering where you started as an entrepreneur can bring back so many memories. In Indira's

case, some of her favorite pieces are symbols of how much Capitol A has grown over the last two years.

"My favorite items in the store have to be from my first collection when I just started, so my Butterfly Blouse that’s been around since I first started the boutique over the summer, my Shine Jumpsuit, and also my Leo Limelight Dress; just because those were my first big purchases when I started my business and they really mean a lot to me."

Indira plans to continue growing Capitol A Boutique by manufacturing and designing her own collections in the future. The coronavirus may be causing a lot of trouble for a lot of businesses, but Indira learned from previous experiences to stay prepared and staying the course until her goals are met.

"I learned that you have to be prepared

when it comes to being a entrepreneur, and my biggest thing has been getting over my fears, letting everything go, letting everything come to me, and manifesting what I want. You can’t please everybody, but you can try to please yourself - so that’s all I’m really working on."

Whenever you need to re-up on Boss Fits and fashion pieces shop Capitol A Boutique and follow them on Instagram!



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