Beats Fit For a Boss

At 19 years old Jaden Gutierrez is well aware of the type of boss she wants to be. If you check out her Instagram, you'll see her flawless makeup looks and styles.

"I started with Theatrical Special FX & Body Art when I was around 14, I am self-taught. I became really intrigued with the prosthetics in movies with how they made everything come to life. As I got older beauty/makeup artistry has become a great passion of mine that I am aspiring"

Although Jaden does not currently service clients, she is well aware of what she needs to bring to the table to ensure that she presents herself in the best light.

"Professionalism to me is key! How you carry/portray yourself through your work & portfolio(s) is very important! It is mandatory that I will always be open to improve with criticism & being inspired by other’s aspirations as well. Having the confidence in your craftsmanship."

Perception is everything, so you must look the part! Jaden shares what she feels is the best look

for female hustlers.

"I think the best look for a female hustler would be corporations of bright pinks & glitter cut-crease. Complimented with a nude gloss or even a red lip. Expresses boldness...this glam divine feminine energy. Who says you can’t work AND be the baddie that you are at the same time? No one. Period. "

Jaden also shares her favorite makeup look...

"My favorite makeup look would be a subtle beat glam; fluffy lashes, sparkly bronzed face w/ a nude gloss lip. Maybe a bold wing if I am feeling cuteee. My go to makeup product would definitely be a dark lip pencil such as MAC’s in ‘Stripdown’. Topped off with Rihanna’s FENTY Beauty Gloss Bomb ‘FU$$Y’. Go to lip combo fits every look ♡"

Jaden currently has plans to attend beauty school to become a certified makeup artist as well as a certified esthetician. She plans to use her passion to collaborate with other makeup artists and create her own makeup line.

"I am planning on going into Beauty school. For right now I also take interest in esthetician because when you are applying/working with makeup, you are working with different types of skin. A proper prep is beneficial to you & your clients. I look up to other aspiring women who are hustling and have that ambition, their drive motivates me. I love to support others who are also on that journey to their goals. Whether that be social influencers, friends, and family."

To view Jaden's work follow her on Instagram @therealjadenmua



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