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Be Fashionably Late. The Tardy Brand

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Meet the Owner

Eleesia Tardy recently graduated from Michigan State University and has moved to Los Angeles to pursue her fashion career. While living in LA she decided to quit her job and begin working on her own business known as The Tardy Brand.

"I have been sitting on my brand for so long. While at Michigan State University, I knew as graduation was approaching, that I did not like the idea of working for someone else for the rest of my life. One of my professor's told us to come up with our own clothing line. Then it hit me, "I can do this as my career."

Launching a Business during a Global Pandemic

Launching a business is never easy. Launching a business during a Global Pandemic? That takes serious cajunas. Eleesia tells us why starting her business, regardless of what was going on around her, was so important.

"I have gone through so much personally, with COVID-19 and everything. I talk to God constantly and throughout everything that I've been through, he keeps telling me to keep going. So, with the downtime that I had from the start of COVID, I decided to launch my brand."

Quitting her 9-5 during COVID-19

In order to put all her energy and attention into her new business, she had to make a really hard decision. She had to quit her job.

"When I quit my job to start THE TARDY BRAND, it was the most liberating feeling. I had felt like a load was lifted and I started doing things on my own terms. Though now, I still have traditional jobs, most of my time and energy is dedicated to my brand."

What does The Tardy Brand Offer?

"Currently I am starting off with accessories and apparel to generate more traffic and familiarize my audience with the brand. Yet, over time, yes I plan to have much more provided on the site. "

Plans for the Tardy Brand

Although the Tardy Brand is known for its apparels and accessories, being the Fashionista that she is, Eleesia still sees her brand growing even more with added pieces that represent her.

"...I do plan to add a few signature pieces coming soon."

Other than the plan to add signature pieces to her collection, Eleesia has even more plans for her brand. One of her biggest goals is to change the narrative of the black-owned women businesses in fashion, by becoming one.

"My goal with my brand is to maintain a Black-owned, luxury streetwear brand. So often, especially in the black community, we struggle with representation and even in Fashion. I do not know of many Black-owned Fashion brands today, yet I want to change that narrative and allow others to see that there is a brand that they can invest in with diverse representation, versus mockery. "

Fashion Icons

Like most of us, Eleesia also has a few fashion icons that she looks up to. The ones that influenced her to start her own fashion company.

"There are so many great Fashion icons that have inspired me over the years and with the start of my brand such as Anayal8ter (via instagram), the Matte Brand, styleby.ms (via instagram), and so many more."

How do you stay motivated with the negativity that may surround you?

"This is a great question. Honestly, God and family. My relationship with God is what gets me out the bed, keeps me going. My family is also my strength. When I want to give up, they stand in as my strength. I meditate in the mornings by listening to a sermon, eat breakfast and write down my goals for the day."

Eleesia is looking forward to great things for her new company. And although she's new in business, she still has a strong message for potential customers.

"Be on the lookout for THE TARDY BRAND!"

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