5 Self-Care Tips For After Quarantine

Now that the nation is slowly opening after Covid-19 or Miss.Rona, many people are experiencing stress at levels that they never have before. In my own personal experience I’ve had extreme anxiety as well as days where I didn't even want to get out of bed. Eventually, I was tired of being down about life so I started doing that to fill my spirit again. Pinterest was a site that I found myself on often to keep myself sane. Here are 5 self care tips to add in your life after Quarantine!

1. Add Yoga into your Weekly Routine

While some people use yoga as a way to meditate and have a sense of serenity. Others use it as a simple yet useful way to exercise. 15-30 minutes a day of yoga can improve your sleep quality, reduce chronic pain, and fight depression. Below are some basic yoga poses to help any beginner.

2. Meet Up with Friends

Now that it's safe to be in small groups, try to meet up with friends to have a few laughs and feel normal again. Following social distancing rules while enjoying others company would be a great way to start entering the world again. A way to kill two birds with one stone is to enjoy yoga in the park with a few friends!

3. Constantly Give yourself Self-Assurances

The constant threat of Corona has definitely played a part in my mental health this quarantine. So I’ve found that reminding myself that ‘ I’m happy, I’m healthy’ made me feel better everyday. Find those assurances that help you and remind yourself of these things in times when life isn't always the best.

4. Take a Break from Social Media

The constant reminder of the plagues that Black Americans face, covid 19 updates, and sexual assault stories being a recurring thing on everyones timeline. Taking a break from social media just to regroup and feel at ease can help anyone during this time.

5. Sleep is Key to Self Care

Staying up all night is cool until, your sleep deprived and it affects your health. Be sure to get a more than 5 hours of sleep a day. This can improve your mental health as well as give you a burst of energy every day.

Eventually with these self care tips, life and your mind will feel better after quarantine. Just be sure to take care of yourself while returning to regular life again.



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