3 Teenage Sisters Create Eyelash Vending Machines

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

"All we had was our mom and a manual."

Three sisters Tatyana, Keyess, and Kevyn ages 18, 16 and 15 (no particular order) live in South Carolina and are the owners of Bratz Bundles & Trends - a company that offers 5D and 3D lashes, wigs, bundles, press on nails, accessories and body scrubs so you can look and feel your best during any occasion, anytime of the year.

"Bratz Bundles was a vision we had to start a business to work together and build something we could make big! We wanted to come up with something innovative and creative to make our brand different from the rest. "

The young entrepreneurs are certainly on the come up and are already planning to launch two more vending machines in the coming months. After a successful launch in January, the sisters are primarily focused on expansion and supporting their community. In a recent interview with 107.3 Jamz in Greenville, South Carolina - they mentioned how they have plans to go to local hospitals and create wigs for cancer patients with their team.

"Our current goal is expansion! We also look forward to doing community volunteering with our team!"

It's hard enough starting a business, let alone starting one that incorporates your close family members. Yet, Tatyana, Keyess, and Kevyn have been able to work effectively by assigning roles to each other and assisting each other when necessary.

"The oldest owner, Ke [Kevyn] is responsible for promotion, marketing, and sales. The second to oldest owner, Tati [Tatyana] is responsible for handling  the financial aspect of the business, tracking inventory, and keeping up with expenses. The youngest owner, Keyess is responsible for shipping and handling!"

Although the sisters have received a lot of support and recognition from their peers, they never forget the obstacles they had to overcome to get to where they are today.

"Everything was new to us. The most challenging obstacle was learning how to program and operate our machine when all we had was our mom and a manual. We had to develop a new business plan for our vending machine location. The process had us constantly moving and thinking...Our previous struggle motivates us because we thrive to be financially stable. Our family and friends also motivate and support us because they want us to be successful women one day, as we would want for our self."

The sisters have goals of collaborating with major companies in the future, including Rihanna and Fenty Beauty with the collab titled: "Bratz x Fenty". To make that possible, they make sure to add personality behind their brand, quality products and are constantly using innovative techniques to keep the company working at its best.

Our most popular product is our 5D 25mm minks, they are very soft, lightweight, and attractive. Our valued customers loves our minks because they can be wore up to 10+ times. Our retail price is another reason why they are popular, similar businesses retail similar products for $25-28 per pair.

It's quite obvious that Tatyana, Keyess, and Kevyn are playing to their strengths to run a successful company. They are motivated by other girl bosses such as Jania Meshell, who worked hard to create a better life for herself.

"We keep focused on our why. We continue to build our brand and promote ourselves...Seeing the increase of love, support and notes that we are inspiring others have driven us to want to grow our business and to grow personally."

If you live in South Carolina and you need a one stop shop for lashes, nails, weaves and body

scrubs while shopping at Anderson Mall, make sure to stop by the Bratz Bundles & Trends vending machine near Victoria's Secret. Don't live in South Carolina? No worries! Shop Bratz Bundles & Trends online! Make sure to follow them on Instagram and like them on Facebook!



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