Fab + Fit Health Coaching

Hi! My name is Sharae. I am a fitness nutrition specialist, health + wellness blogger, and business professional whose mission is to empower and equip women to live their best lives by helping them create effective and sustainable lifestyle changes in the areas of health, wellness, and personal development. I began my wellness journey in 2008 by losing 50 pounds in one year, then losing an additional 10 pounds for a total of 60 pounds lost Stemming from my own experience, I created this blog in May 2016, CurlsnDumbbells, to document my journey, share what I’ve learned, and to encourage others to also begin their journey! In June 2019, I earned my Fitness Nutrition Specialist Certification through NASM to deepen my knowledge of nutrition and help women on a deeper level. In August 2019, I began my health coaching practice, Fab + Fit! My hope is that by coaching women, creating digital products, and conducting workshops, I will continue reaching women globally and providing them with tools that add value to their lives so they can achieve long term success! IG: @mypassion2purpose

Self Care Collections

I’ve created Self Care Collections to help you start or enhance your self-care journey with ease. Products include handmade soaps and candles that are all natural and infused with essential oils. I’ve coupled them with crystals and smudging products! *Remember no matter what you do, always remember to Cater 2 You!* IG: @selfcarecollections2020


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